Jim & Mary Ann McGowan

Randy Wojcik is not just our agent, he has become a true friend, He has assisted us for years, helping us find rentals by connecting us with previous clients. Then, when we were ready to buy, he found us the perfect home and made the entire process simple and easy. His knowledge is immeasurable,  his integrity is without question, and he is simply great to work with. I easily recognize a terrific agent, as I have been selling real estate in Virginia for over 30 years. My husband and I would highly recommend him to family and friends –and we always do!

Bill & Louis Sutton

Randy found our house in Boca Bay for us in 2006. We were delighted with his negotiating on our behalf to obtain a mutually satisfactory closing date at the end of that year. We continued to see Randy on the island for the 11 1/2 years that we happily owned our house there. When we decided to sell our property, of course we contacted Randy. He has an excellent reputation for honesty and integrity. Once more, we were very happy with the way in which he handled the sale of our house! We do recommend him very highly!

Tom & Kathleen O’Shane

After living in Orlando area for approximately 20 years, my wife and I decided to move to Boca Grande in 2014. We were introduced to Randy by a close personal friend who had become acquainted with Randy in a real estate transaction. My friend had said Randy had been extremely helpful in alleviation of some problems with the transaction. We were not sure if we wanted to live in Englewood or in Boca Grande on Gasparilla Island. Randy spent several days and countless hours showing us alternatives in real estate in both locations. Randy helped us decide on a beautiful townhouse on Gasparilla Island. His vast experience and knowledge of the market was quite evident throughout the process. Within the last year, my wife and I decided we loved the the area but wanted a single-family home as well as a location with a water view. Because of our excellent experience with Randy on our first purchase of a home in Southwest Florida, there was no question as to what real estate agent we would use. Once again we looked at many properties with Randy’s assistance, and he was able to point out pluses and minuses due to his vast knowledge of the area.In addition, we soon realized Randy has an excellent understanding of good construction as well as bad construction and was able to point out significant factors for consideration on the real estate we were considering. In addition, we also used Randy as our agent on the sale of our Boca Grande townhouse. He was extremely helpful in pointing out any potential buyer inspection problems we may have and assisted in finding resources to correct the potential deficiencies. He was of great assist in the presentation and staging of our home for potential buyers. The end result was the best, a signed sales agreement within 24 hours of the official listing of the home, with a happy buyer and very happy sellers. In looking back in recent years I have been involved in six other real estate transactions with five other real estate agents involved. Clearly in the minds of my wife and I, Randy was the most knowledgeable and professional real estate agent we have used. Would we use Randy again? ABSOLUTELY! Would we recommend Randy to our friends and family? ABSOLUTELY!  WHY? His knowledge of the market is unequaled, he has great knowledge of construction and quality of local contractors, and is a great reference for ancillary services – Inspection Resources, Local Moving Companies, Plumbing Services,Electrical Services and many others.  He also has excellent resources for staging and presentation of your home for sale, an excellent inventory of both Sellers and Buyers in the market, and is always available when you need him, and if not someone from his office immediately follows up in a professional demeanor at all times and makes a great effort to understand his customer’s desires.

John and Debbie Lynch

My wife and I met Randy thru a great friend, Tom O’Shane. Tom had stated that Randy was “Mr. Boca Grande”. Meaning, he knew the island inside and out, had been an agent for many years and really understood the market, in terms of pricing. Once we met Randy, we felt Tom’s sentiments were all true. Randy has a great personality and is very easy to get along with and work with. Many real estate agents are pushy, Randy is exactly opposite. He responds to everything you request, in a timely manner, but never oversells. I would now consider Randy a friend and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a place on Boca Grande. Nobody does it better than Randy!

Sam H. Campbell IV

Dear Randy:

Carol and I would like to thank you for the very professional way you handled our search for and ultimate purchase of our Boca Grande home last spring.

From the start, we appreciated your willingness to work with us and for us in our search. You and Connie were available to show us everything which interested us on very short notice as our time in Boca Grande was limited. Your provided us timely information on what was available for sale and gave us good advice on which neighborhoods to consider and the attributes and drawbacks of each.

Through the process, you also gave us pertinent information on what the taxes, utilities, and other cost would be with the properties we looked at. This was helpful as we narrowed down our choices.

You really demonstrated the value you bring to the table when the negotiations began for the house we bought. Multiple times we seemed to get bogged down, but your skill in dealing with the owner and the other real estate professional allowed us to ultimately get the deal done.

The trust and respect shown to you and the collegial nature of your relationships with other brokers were on display early and often. Surely this makes your job easier!

We look forward to spending our first full season on the island this year and we look forward to seeing much more of you. Thanks again for a job well done.

Jim and Sharon Sullivan

Just a quick note to tell you how much Sharon and I appreciated all the help you have provided to us in our real estate dealings in Boca Grande. The sale of our Kentia in less than a week, the purchase of our beautiful house on Buttonwood Bay Drive and finally the sale of that house at a fair price in a down market. Your experience, skill, judgement, and professionalism are second to none. Your sold reputation is well earned and we are proud to recommend you to anyone buying or selling a home in and around Boca Grande.

We can’t thank you enough for your guidance and integrity and we look forward to leaning on you in the future if and when we are ready to buy another dwelling on the beautiful island called Boca Grande.

Hoping to be able to stay in touch, we send our kindest regards.

Mrs. Creger

We have enjoyed a professional relationship with Randy as our Realtor in Boca Grande for over 15 years.

We have successfully bought and sold two Boca Bay properties with Randy’s assistance including the most recent sale of our former Grande Bay home valued in the upper seven figure price range.

Randy keeps his focus on his client’s needs and is an outstanding asset to both buyers and sellers.

We wish him continued success!